Grandparents Day Competition 2021

Grandparents Day is marked across Australia on the last Sunday of October and aims to celebrate the role grandparents and older people play in our society. It is an occasion to spend time with an older loved one and to connect across the generations. The I Love Grandie 2021 competition gave children the opportunity to express their love, thanks and respect for their grandparents, grandie carers and older kin.

We are delighted to present the Overall Winner and Finalists in the General Entry Category. We also had a Special Category Winner for the nbn Creativity Through Connectivity Category by Johanna, displayed at the bottom of this page.

Many thanks to all the children across the Territory who submitted some truly beautiful, funny and inspiring entries to us. You are all winners in our eyes!

Shown from left to right, from the top:

Overall Winner and Finalist in the General Entry Category: Yaminy

My Manyi (Grandmother in Yolngu Matha) drinking Tea – Yaminy

Finalist in the General Entry Category: Aria

A craft activity showing Aria’s grandparents using wool and cardboard.

Finalist in the General Entry Category: Jessica

Jessica completed this poster explaining why she loves her grandparents and what she likes to do with them.

Finalist in the General Entry Category: Cadence

This is an acrylic painting of my grandparents. I included colour because they bring so much colour to my life. – Cadence

Finalist in the General Entry Category: Elsa

This is a watercolour painting of my Great Grandmother. Her name is Bodil. She is one of the funniest people I know. – Elsa

Finalist in the General Entry Category: Gladisha

Hunting with Nan – The Story of this Painting – At Ramingining my nanna Banyawarra makes weavings and paintings. She paints on bark and canvas and we use earth colours for our paint. She teachers me what plants to look for to make pink and purple dyes to colour the pandanus leaves. Sometimes I pick the wrong plant and she thinks it’s funny. We go hunting together for long-neck turtles. When we see the little breathing holes in the mud, we poke a short stick down to feel for their shell. Then we carefully dig them up and put them in our bags. We need lots of turtles to feed our family and sometimes we keep the shells to paint on. The black colours in my painting make me think of the night sky. The blues and greens are water, they make me clam. The long white marks in the blue parts are waves. There is a turtle and two fish hiding in my painting. I put some of the marks in that nanna uses in her paintings because I love her stuff. – Gladisha