The Things They Say & See

In our I Love Grandie competition in 2021, the children of the Northern Territory told us what they loved about spending time with their Grandparents and what their Grandparents were like.

We couldn’t resist sharing some of their comments with you, as well as some of their beautiful bright artwork.

I hope you live to the hundreds so I get extra tickles filled with love.

– Levi, aged 5

She is wrinkly.

I call my Grandma Grosi. My Grandma is the best at making knopfli. My Grandma is so good at netting. My Grandma loves me so much that because I am allergic to dairy so she has no dairy with me. She has a bird named JoJo. In 2021 at the Darwin Show I entered a picture of him. I did not win but I got a participation award. JoJo was Grosi’s friend’s bird but she died.
Grosi has gray hair. Her hair is a boys type of hair. She is wrinkly. She lives in Palmerston. I love my Grandma.

– Vivien, aged 6

Dislikes to be seen or known in the toilet.

Nana likes and likes to do: Read. Do the crosswords on newspapers with everyone. Have coffee. Play with me.
Nana dislikes and dislikes to: Watch Family Guy. Lose her glasses. Lose her keys (any kind). Get woek up. Miss feeding time. Get seen or known in the toilet.

Grandpa K likes and likes to: Have coffee. Fishing. People to talk to him a bit louder. Relax.
Grandpa Kurt dislikes and dislikes to: Be late for work. Have to do something before work. Be bossed around by Nana.

– Zeke, aged 6

Grandparents are like a carnival ride – Mostly fun and exciting and sometimes scary.

– Imogen, aged 10

My grandma is now an angel.

This is my grandma and my grandpa. I am very close to them. My grandma is now an angel. They travelled a lot.

– Harley, aged 11

She spreads kindness everywhere.

My Granny has short hair and spreads kindness everywhere. She has blue eyes and I love her more than the sunset skys.

– Lilah, aged 7

My grandparents would always hold my hand.

When I was young and I walked across the Todd River Bridge my grandparents would always hold my hand.

– Kailee, aged 10