Back in Time

Back in Time

by Sahara Walsh

Once upon a time you know where it begins, there lived a small girl named Sahara she was watching her mum helping put up the Christmas decorations until she left the room. She was staring at the star until she was flying! She saw herself being transported back in time!

Then she saw her great pop standing there but he looked younger than ever! He only looked about 5 and then his mum came into the room. She was great, great nanna Dutchke. She picked him up and gave him a hug, “Bradley dear, we need to go and sort out the eggs from our poultry farm.”

Normally instead of helping he and his siblings would go off on their favourite swing but not today. He saw the eggs on the machine and then ran across the garden until he saw his father. “What a fine morning but I must be off because I am the milkman.” He said to Bradley. Then he burst out with laughter “Oh dad!” Then he set of to deliver the milk to everyone. Then the little boy made his way to the kitchen and ate his favourite breakfast jam toast. Then in the afternoon he went and fed the chickens until his father came home and they had pasta with a sprinkle of parsley on top, and then everything became blurry and then I arrived back to my grandparents house and mum said, “Sahara, where have you been?”

“Oh, just back in time.” She replied with a grin.