My Nana

By Kaleb Collins


This isn’t a picture of Kaleb, but we loved the happy vibe which suited his story perfectly! Photo by RDNE Stock project

When nana was young in the 70’s she used to play around with her kids taking them to the playgrounds.

In 1974 December 25, Cyclone Tracy destroyed Darwin. Darwin was gone. Lucky nana survived.

I decided to look after nana, I give her food and drink when she’s sick. Me and nana just laugh and laugh sometimes about a funny ad on tv where the car crashes and about farts.

Nana and I order breakfast hash browns at Maccas, nana has a big mac and I like quarter pounders.

Nana goes shopping at casuarina for her grandkids, it makes her happy. Nana likes me to do scratches on her back. I hope I’m good to my nana, happy grandparents day 73 year old woman.


About the Author: Kaleb is in Grade 8 at Henbury School in Darwin.