Grandma and Homework

Grandma and Homework

by Zhi Yap

Yay, it was the school holidays. My school teacher gave me a lot of homework to do. My grandma insisted that I must finish all my homework in 1-3 days.

This meant I would have more free time to spend for my holiday. I agreed. Compared to last semester, my teacher didn’t give me tedious homework to do.

I spent this Term 2 school holiday with my grandparents because my parents had to work. Every holiday they would take care of me. Sometimes we would go out and have fun. I normally stay with grandma and grandpa from Monday-Friday. Grandpa likes to play monopoly with me on the couch, while watching TV. Grandma likes to play chess with me on the bed. Grandma and grandpa would also take me out to play a few times per week. Sometimes, they would take me out to eat good food. We had tried cooked lobster, fried noodles, curry, and KFC.

This school holiday was very different.

I started my holiday in grandma’s study room and saw a mountain of books in front of her longish table. It was intimidating and overwhelming just by looking at them. I felt like yelling and crying out, being anguished, and punished by hell. I wished I could throw all of my homework in the recycling bin. As I was glancing through the long list, I was dumbfounded and held my pencil tightly wanting to break it into millions of tiny unseeable fragments.

I began my mortifying homework with a hard fist and long sigh. The more that I looked through the books, the more I felt stressed, like carrying the world in my head. My stressing brain was going to be like a volcano and erupt with ash, fire and lava. Wrestling with the English writing seemed as hard as climbing Mt Everest.

Abruptly, grandma suddenly walked in the room with a smiley face. “Do you need help with your homework?” She said. “ Yes. I do need help with all my homework.” I replied back sadly. Grandma helped me with my writing, times table, comprehension, science, and exam papers. After working with grandma for the whole morning, I finally finished all my homework that was given to me during the holiday. I was excited just like a bird being set free from its cage.

Thanks to grandma I was able to have fun through the holiday. We had fun like going to 3 zoos and 4 aquariums . We also had good food and ate by the beach. Even though my teacher gave me so much homework for the holiday, I managed to finish them in just one day thanks to grandma. I was grateful for my grandma helping me. I am looking forward to spending the next school holiday with them. However, I will not procrastinate and will quickly finish the homework by myself. I love you grandma!